Monday, January 30, 2006

Challenge everything

As some of you'll notice that's the line from the very popular EA sport games. Today I'm at a place where I need to decide one of two things

1. Stand back and accept what's happening.
2. Challenge what's happening and do something about it.

what am I going to do? They tell me I should be a man and accept what's happening. Its ok, it'll be ok. I know that, I truly believe that like in the world, in our lives too the heat passes from passes from the hot to the cold place till everything is balanced out. Everything is always ok.
But wait! If everything is always ok or will get ok then won't we humans, with our ability, no our need to bring chaos to our surroundings die of boredom?
should I try and insulate the heat to keep the ice from melting or should I let the laws of the world act as they should?

Monday, January 16, 2006


i didn't think that i'd be posting any poems here, but then... well. i'll write at a later date why i'm writing this, till then here's it.
the beautiful red linen covered the walls
below me was the cuision softer than .....
i looked up and i could see the sky
with all its glory, the birds and their stories
huh! their stories, that can't be right
i'm just imagining, maybe because of the night
i continue looking and i can see my beautiful dress
wow, i wonder i've never had such great tress

then little by little it started getting warm,
but i couldn't get my mind off those beautiful walls
i tried to think where i was, i remember i had an appointment
with Dr. Paul

why doesn't someone turn down the heat, that's when i notice
she's standing next to me.
did i mention she's the most beautiful angel,
my love, my darling little girl, dady's little angel
why're you crying, don't cry my dear girl
i want to say, but i can't seem to find the words

the heat is so high, the walls now seem to burn,
before i realize it,
what's burning below me are the coffin walls