Sunday, February 05, 2006

kick back and relax

so a couple of days back (saturday night) we (rohini and i) were the little elves having made up two rounds in a quiz that were then rendered into one long round. overall it went off well with the exception that our team got left behind in the rounds that we had created. I guess we need to learn the fine art of biased quizzing :D
after that we ended up going to goti's place were we listened to some music while thinking of seeing a movie, but the movie never happened and we slept at about 4:30AM only to get up around 10. after flirting with the idea of going for brunch we finally got out of the house at 3 after eating some maggie.
we went to this place called Cafe Frisco (i think) that was just wonderful and i really need to go there sometime again.
to finish of a perfect sunday we went to Java City to listen to the band play some wonderful Jazz music. and for all those of you that didn't come. you guys missed some really really good music.