Thursday, June 15, 2006

ebooks @ iPod

So you've done it too. Bought a shiny new iPod that's really good at playing the music that you've copied from various sources (your CD's and tapes is what I'm talking about :) and if you've got the 5th gen then the slick videos that it plays. But you wonder, wouldn't it be great if I could use it as an ebook reader?

well you can and here are some ways to do just that.

1. Notes yes apple provides a way to use notes on your ipod. What you need to do is simple. If you've got a MAC then just copy the text you want read on your iPod and use the scripts that apple provide (

2. web based ebook creator just upload the .txt file to this site and unzip the file that it gives you in the Notes folder of your iPod.

3. iPodLibrary is an easy to use for windows. It can convert html, txt, lit or pdf's to the ipod's not format and upload it to your ipod.