Wednesday, August 30, 2006

our hotel room

here's where we decided to stay when we were in Pondicherry! J??? i'm sure you are. check this out.

The Dune

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Sleepy Sadhu

Was in pondicherry a while back and saw this sadhu sleeping! couldn't resist taking a picture.

for those who haven't been there. you're missing something. Plz go now.

"It is a former French colony. It consists of four non-contiguous districts or enclaves and is named for the largest, Pondicherry.
The territory is currently undergoing a name change to the original name of the city, Puduchery meaning "new village" in the official
Tamil language. The French spelled it "Poudichéry", which is the closest French approximation to the Tamil pronunciation. At some point, the hand-written 'u' was mistaken for an 'n', and the misspelling stuck." - Wikipedia

Monday, July 17, 2006


She made me a playlist :)

1. lucy in the sky with diamonds.
2. Iris
3. I'm too sexy...

Tx I absolutely love it....

Thursday, June 15, 2006

ebooks @ iPod

So you've done it too. Bought a shiny new iPod that's really good at playing the music that you've copied from various sources (your CD's and tapes is what I'm talking about :) and if you've got the 5th gen then the slick videos that it plays. But you wonder, wouldn't it be great if I could use it as an ebook reader?

well you can and here are some ways to do just that.

1. Notes yes apple provides a way to use notes on your ipod. What you need to do is simple. If you've got a MAC then just copy the text you want read on your iPod and use the scripts that apple provide (

2. web based ebook creator just upload the .txt file to this site and unzip the file that it gives you in the Notes folder of your iPod.

3. iPodLibrary is an easy to use for windows. It can convert html, txt, lit or pdf's to the ipod's not format and upload it to your ipod.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

linux ipod

so i've finally done it.
i've installed linux on my 5g ipod and its amazing. the first thing that comes to people's head is, WHY?
well a few reasons
1. i'm writing my own programs that can be put on my ipod now.
2. i can play wma and divx files
3. i'm trying to connect a keyboard to it so i could use it as a mini computer.
4. because its there. its Linux and linux should be running on every chip on this planet. (not that i've got anything against windows or mac, i use all three)

so i've now got an ipod running linux :) for those interested its a mac formatted linux.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Some people, some of my friends think i live a rather happening life and want to know what i do and what goes on in the spare time that i'm not in the office.

So then, what really do i do?

Let me tell you what i don't to begin with. I hate being dragged out of bed, i hate having to wear a shirt and black pants. i'd rather be in my shorts with a loose t-shirt, a robe and a glass of cooool tea (with crushed mint) all the time. I definitely don't like having to drive through the roads of bangalore.
I'd love it if someone picked me up or i rode my cycle to work to begin with. I'd go back and get to my mohito or wine and a large pizza with lots of cheeze. sit with my friends and watch a movie on a big TV. play a game of carrom or dum charades. every few days i'd want to get out of town and go to a jungle and camp there or go to the beach and make out with the pretty girl i'm dating.

Every now and then i'd like to have debate on the nuclear policy, the crazy state of schools and the dressing sense of "todays youth" (btw. i'm all for it).

I also wish i could complete this but a little later i guess! will post again with more of this.

Sunday, February 05, 2006

kick back and relax

so a couple of days back (saturday night) we (rohini and i) were the little elves having made up two rounds in a quiz that were then rendered into one long round. overall it went off well with the exception that our team got left behind in the rounds that we had created. I guess we need to learn the fine art of biased quizzing :D
after that we ended up going to goti's place were we listened to some music while thinking of seeing a movie, but the movie never happened and we slept at about 4:30AM only to get up around 10. after flirting with the idea of going for brunch we finally got out of the house at 3 after eating some maggie.
we went to this place called Cafe Frisco (i think) that was just wonderful and i really need to go there sometime again.
to finish of a perfect sunday we went to Java City to listen to the band play some wonderful Jazz music. and for all those of you that didn't come. you guys missed some really really good music.

Monday, January 30, 2006

Challenge everything

As some of you'll notice that's the line from the very popular EA sport games. Today I'm at a place where I need to decide one of two things

1. Stand back and accept what's happening.
2. Challenge what's happening and do something about it.

what am I going to do? They tell me I should be a man and accept what's happening. Its ok, it'll be ok. I know that, I truly believe that like in the world, in our lives too the heat passes from passes from the hot to the cold place till everything is balanced out. Everything is always ok.
But wait! If everything is always ok or will get ok then won't we humans, with our ability, no our need to bring chaos to our surroundings die of boredom?
should I try and insulate the heat to keep the ice from melting or should I let the laws of the world act as they should?

Monday, January 16, 2006


i didn't think that i'd be posting any poems here, but then... well. i'll write at a later date why i'm writing this, till then here's it.
the beautiful red linen covered the walls
below me was the cuision softer than .....
i looked up and i could see the sky
with all its glory, the birds and their stories
huh! their stories, that can't be right
i'm just imagining, maybe because of the night
i continue looking and i can see my beautiful dress
wow, i wonder i've never had such great tress

then little by little it started getting warm,
but i couldn't get my mind off those beautiful walls
i tried to think where i was, i remember i had an appointment
with Dr. Paul

why doesn't someone turn down the heat, that's when i notice
she's standing next to me.
did i mention she's the most beautiful angel,
my love, my darling little girl, dady's little angel
why're you crying, don't cry my dear girl
i want to say, but i can't seem to find the words

the heat is so high, the walls now seem to burn,
before i realize it,
what's burning below me are the coffin walls