Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Photography Competition

There's a photography competition going on at work with the theme "Incredible India" and I'm trying to figure out what pictures to send in. Everyone's allowed 5 entries.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Bangalore Traffic

wanna ride
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The Bangalore taffic police has decided that the solution to all our traffic woes is to put more traffic signals on the roads. And for once I agree with them.
But that's as far as we think alike. In true Bangalore style, they've not thought this through. There are now traffic signals on main roads without any intersections, on 'T' junctions where there's no traffic from one directions, on ONE WAYS.
I've thought about writing to someone about these but, a) i don't expect a response. b) i don't know who to write to. The newspapers have been going on and on about the traffic probelms and they've only fallen on deaf ears.

My solution?
1. Lets remove the traffic signals that are not required. make circles (proper ones) and fly overs (that don't take 15 years to complete).
2. Lets IMPROVE the public transport. And by public transport, I don't mean auto's and taxi's, mass rapid transport systems, busses and trains.
3. STOP DIGGING ROADS. Charge departments that are digging the roads and get them fixed in 2 days. not 2 years after the entire road has disintegrated.
4. Encourage cycling. Make cycle lanes where possible and challan people who drive on them.

The aim is to get people off the roads. By first providing better and easier public transport.